Longevity = Great Duration of Individual Life


I’ve been an exercise instructor for over 25 years, it has been a joy to be able to lead exercise classes for this long.  In addition to practicing wellness, I have a Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Pathology from UNC Chapel Hill. I combine my love of science with my firm belief that living a long, healthy and productive life does not involve a strict no-fun regime of exercise and boring meals.  I regularly present health and wellness seminars, delivering the science of exercise and nutrition, as well as information demonstrating that simple lifestyle changes can make a dramatic change to quality of life and longevity without sacrificing any of the fun.

Four Factors Lead to Longevity



The hardest part about becoming an exerciser is without a doubt the first three weeks of getting into a routine. There has to be a level of commitment and willpower to get up and go when you don't feel like it. Once you get over the hump though, the benefits are numerous and the sense of well-being that comes from having a healthy body is unparalleled. Once you get to that point, you will look forward to being active without having to force yourself. Regular, moderate exercise plays a major role in extending the lifespan. Check out our exercise page for more information on all aspects of exercise, not just running.

Healthy Eating

I think it's fair to say that for some people, weight loss is an issue that is a constant, daily struggle. The empty calorie has never been cheaper and we are busier than ever before, making it all too tempting to opt for the cheap, easy option. Making wise nutrition choices the majority of the time, and more importantly, employing portion control, are the main factors that lead to a healthier lifestyle.  Understanding nutrition basics is crucial for weight control so check out our nutrition page for more information. Remember, healthy does not mean boring or tasteless.


Social interactions (real ones, not virtual) make a vital contribution to longevity by enhancing quality of life and stimulating brain function. Humans are predisposed to a 'tribe' mentality such that loneliness and exclusion can actually shorten the lifespan. Gathering before and after a race is a great way to socialize!


It is hard to over-emphasize the importance of a good night's sleep. 7 - 8 hours is optimal for repair of cellular damage, memory function and stress management. Additional benefits include weight control and optimal daily performance.